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Oct 10 2012, 04:22 PM
EJ goes to see Nicole. He does his best to act sympathetic, all the while recording their conversation

Ok shouldn't he be sad..and not have to pretend IF the baby is really dead?? EJ would be demanding to SEE the baby IF the baby is really dead, it will be interesting to see if he does that. If they give a baby to Nicole to hold---and if she says he doesn't feel like her son--RED FLAG!

I feel sure that EJ will have Danny somewhere. He's out for revenge.

If they can't find a way to bring EJOLE back together with this baby---then they have totally failed with this story!

MarDar's goal was to break everyone up and put couples together that didn't make any sense AT ALL. It appears that TomSell's goal to make them all go stark raving mad!
Sad yes,... but I can imagine he is furious. I am certain he is thinking this could have been prevented if Nicole had told the truth and not done this stupid charade. Then EJ would have been there for Nicole and made sure she had the best medical assistance etc..

He has an opportunity now to nail Rafe and Daniel and hurt Nicole for what they did. I am guessing he is blaming this on Nicole and Rafe, Daniel for letting this happen.

And if the baby died due to that fall .. then its really its kind of Nicole fault for letting herself get into that situation .. or Jennifer if she did push her. Accidents happens... but this is a soap.

I imagine that he is first sadden.. well he is already in a sad mode due to Sami taking back Rafe. I can imagine at that moment he finds out about the baby he is full of hate and wants revenge. He is, and always have been an opportunist.. so he springs into action. No way Nicole would admit all this in her clear mind.

If this is another hidden baby stuff.. sighs.. how on earth is EJ going to pull that off? He announces he adopts twins? .. I have no idea how they are going to do this. If EJ is the one doing all this.. It could be Stefano? Who knows at this point....
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