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Oct 10 2012, 10:16 PM
NABI/WilSon- We haven't seen much of NABI, but so far i like them. Just need to see more scenes- it seems like they've only had about a total of 15 mins of airtime together. How does Nick not know Will, his relative, is gay? As far as WilSon, I'm not liking how they're being written as two vanilla characters in a Jr High-like romance. But then again the SAFE scenes we've seen lately have also been childish. Do these writers not know how to write romance that is interesting/exciting to watch? But I don't see chemistry for Safe or Wilson anyway. And what was the point of T, Brian, or the disapproving parent stuff? Not to mention we saw Will go from pulling away from Sonny kiss, having sex with Gabi, feeling insecure/unworthy, to having feelings for Sonny, to making out in public w/ Sonny in a matter of a few weeks. Whatever. Maybe the possible WABI baby story will be good.

I found the recent scenes with Victor propping Wilson to be a little strange, possibly because they are unnecessary. I mean, I like Victor and I like that he's accepting. But seriously, we saw Sonny pine away for Will for months and months and Will nearly screwed it up, and now they are dating (but apparently not having sex). Having any character whether it be Lucas or Victor say how awesome a couple they are just feels like the writers are telling us the audience what we already know - because there was such a long wait for them to get together. So, it wasn't objecting to the content of the scenes so much as how they came off as propping.

And now, you're right, Wilson just seem happy but are sexless. They should have had a love scene by now, now that they are together.

I do think Nick and Gabi have potential. They have chemistry, and there's a logical reason why they are finding common ground with each other.

This quad is the only place I see potential, but they've got to add some Wilson layers.

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