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Oct 10 2012, 04:32 PM
Oct 10 2012, 04:22 PM
I'm still not seeing an obsession. I think that's a little harsh, and she's only be labeled obsessed by bitter fans.
When Jen was at home with Brady & she wanted to call the airlines to find out
info about where Dan & Nicole were going seemed a little obsessive to me!
She isn't the SPD & Dicole aren't Stefano trying to skip town
It is really none of her business
I agree...Nosy and feisty is one thing but this bitch is unhinged. She has stalked Daniel all over town telling him how evil Nicole is (even though NONE of this is her business and she and Daniel hadn't interacted for months beforehand) and she has more often than not been the one to pick fights with Nicole. Nicole , of course being Nicole, will not back down and push her buttons, but that doesn't change the fact that Jennifer has been the one hurling accusations and name-calling all over the place. And that didn't start until she realized Dan & Nicole were intimate with each other, which is DEFINITELY none of her business. Nicole exacerbated the situations for sure, but Jenn is being ridiculous. and the fact that Daniel kept Nicole's secret and fucked her WILLINGLY I would think would make a character like Jennifer not want anything to do with him, rather than "save" him. If you're so guilt-ridden and want to "save" someone how about you fucking go to London and hang out with your 6 year old who is in boarding school dealing with his dad's death alone? Or your daughter who actually is grieving her dad, just got dumped and just lost her best friend? I mean, really, Dan was kind of a dick to her when they were together...He dumped her a hundred fucking times. Maybe her arguments would hold a little morewater if I saw what a "good man" Taniel was, but I don't. I still think he's a sleazy douche. lol Don't understand why any women patient touched by the spray-tan penis had to lose their fucking mind afterwards. Maybe they make THAT a storyline.
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