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Viewing Single Post From: Wednesday, October 10th Daily Discussion
camera shy

BJ Deveraux
Oct 11 2012, 09:18 AM
She is most assuredly obsessed. I cannot think of one thing she has said or done since she got back from spreading Jack's ashes that was not related to Dr. Douche in some way. EVERY single conversation she has had with ANYONE, she brings up his name. With Abby, with Brady at the HTS when they blew off the bereavement support group, with Kayla. If she is not obsessed I don't know what qualifies... And ITA, this guy is a sleazy douche. She is jealous pure and simple. It's pathetic that the writers think they can repeat the 1990 Jennifer chasing Jack who feels unworthy. Daniel IS unworthy. Although this version of Jennifer is no prize so good enough for her. No self respecting woman in her 40's is going to chase after any man. Even a good one.
Even poor dead and blind Ray Charles could see that Jennifer has gone crazy. :D
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