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camera shy

Oct 11 2012, 09:39 AM
camera shy
Oct 11 2012, 09:22 AM
Man, I'm so sick and tired of Maggie talking to Daniel like she raised him from a baby. They're so heavy handed with the 'My son' and him calling her 'Mom'. I remember when Daniel was busy chasing after the very married Chloe and Maggie would get up in his face and warn him to stay away from Chloe. And does Lucas know that his Aunt Maggie has new found son Daniel? If not, I would love to see Lucas reaction to hearing the whole dumb egg story. I can hear his response to it, "And you didn't go back to drinking?" Days needs to add little moments like this, although they did manage to catch one with John and Lucas' response to EJ and Rafe fighting.

Or after Parker was born when Taniel was a douche nozzle and kicked Chloe and child out, Maggie was the one who took her in and took care of her...not him.

Maggies sucks. Taniel is another cancerous limb that needs to be removed from the show. Someone mentioned somewhere bringing back Mike Horton. Why the Hell not?! He's been recast before it wouldn't bother me if it were a new actor. Just someone who is a REAL Horton representing the Hortons would be nice. Pod Jennifer and Taniel-worshipping Maggie ain't doing it for me.

Another thing that bugs me is Victor preferring to interact with the Orange one and Brady, but not with Justin, Adrienne or Sonny (hardly ever anyway). The fuck?!?! !?!
Yes! I had forgotten all about Maggie taking Chloe in. And does Daniel know Victor's role in the whole sorrowful egg story? I don't think he does. Who would have thought that we would have ended up with this horrible character being front and center on this show? :shrug:
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