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It's funny because when Lucas was uncomfortable a few weeks ago, he was almost immediately being labeled homophobe and bigot all over the place before we knew what would really happen. But now that he and WilSon kissed and made up, suddenly it's unrealistic that none of the family members have a problem with them, lol. Maybe if the writers weren't in such a rush to resolve situations at the drop of a hat instead of actually telling a story like they should be capable of, the viewers wouldn't be suffering from whiplash on a daily basis. I would have preferred the story to have been told a little longer with Lucas possibly having a talk with Justin, maybe attending a support group, maybe breaking down and admitting he needs help. I don't know something far more realistic that would have engaged viewers. But since that probably would have required giving Lucas more airtime they decided to nip this one in the bud fast within a week, lol. Then again maybe the show thought the subject matter was too controversial to try to write a longer story about and the backlash would have been too strong that they just didn't want to deal with it. I mean Lucas was already being branded the day the scenes aired when he admitted he was uncomfortable seeing WilSon kiss. So I have a feeling if they hadn't wrapped it up so quickly, Lucas would have continued to look worse and worse even if the attempt was to try to tell a story of a father coming to full acceptance over a longer period of time. And since this is Tomlin, I assumed he didn't care either way and was all too happy to throw Lucas under the bus. But I guess even he managed to surprise me this time. However in the end all this really amounts to is the same thing we all complain about: bad writing.
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