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Oct 11 2012, 10:47 AM
I had the biggest lust crush over Peter Blake/Jason Brooks back in the day. Especially when he used to practice his Tai Chi in the Dimera living room with his shirt off...I remember recording that scene and rewatching it a few times.
I can think of a few people to get rid of in order to bring on Peter Blake!

Thanks for the write up on today's show.

LMAO how quick Sami turned on EJ. Holy shit! and even him on her! How lucky would I have to be for those two to be done? Juvenilie idiots trading barbs too. And even Rafe with his "I win, you lose" bullshit. That trio is such a huge zit on the face of Days!

I can't even watch Dan and Jennifer...and with it Nicole.

Caroline and Bo...just knowing that Bo/PR is leaving ruins this whole story for me.
I dont think that Rafe won anything. Actually I would say he lost. Sami is far from a prize. She is a fickle woman and Lucas was wise to walk away. Hopefully EJ will stick to his guns this time. She is not worth it. For any of these men.
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