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Sammie Jo
Oct 11 2012, 09:36 AM
Oct 11 2012, 08:52 AM
This is the great writing we've been hearing about so much for weeks on end? Sounds like just another rehash, and, ouch Adam! Way to treat your loving and supportive wife like crap when she needs you the most. He turns away from Chelsea and makes her think he blames her? Chelsea loses their baby, and skeevy, smug, nasty Sharon who's been a complete "b" to Adam is who he runs off to help? Come on, this is just bad. Sounds like Adam's transformation to Nick Jr. is coming fast and furious. Shakes head.

But, hey, all in the name of Shadam, right? No wonder MM has been foaming at the mouth with glee. None of this inspires me to watch JG's Y&R. Sounds as bad as MAB's. Oh well.

let's wait and see, they can't undo everything overnight.

I know, and these are just spoilers not even his work. Give the guy a chance.

I expect fans of the newbie actors who are being written out to be angry and quit the show but that's to be expected, most were invested in their favorite actor and not the show. But I don't understand couple fans losing it just because the new writer doesn't make their favorite love connection right away. Even if someone's favorite couple is meant to be and should be endgame, why would a new writer start writing all couples as endgame? I think some like Victor and Nikki should settle down, but the younger ones need to change it up once in awhile. Sometimes the drama's in not being together.

I don't see how Y&R could do a," it was all a dream" or "Bobby in the shower" like Dallas or other prime time shows because they have a full cast on contract and have to fulfill their obligations to them. JG doesn't have a clean slate. He has to write out, and write in & develop cast. He can drop the stories that weren't really started, but he has to do something with the ones that MAB was in the middle of, the best he can do its turn stories to the direction he wants to go. I think it will take about 6 months before we see what he really wants to do.
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