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This week's Soap Opera Digest features an article about Kristen's return to Salem.

Stefano meets with Kristen in Europe and convinces her that she needs to return to Salem to bring their family back together. EJ and Chad don't want anything to do with Stefano and he feels all alone. Kristen is his last hope.

Kristen decides it would be best if she makes the trip alone, what with the fragile state of Stefano's relationship with Chad and EJ. Meanwhile, back in Salem, Sonny and Will bump into John and Marlena. Sonny brings up John's past and Kristen's name is mentioned. John says he prefers to live in the present rather than the past, but the mention of Kristen's name causes him to have a disturbing dream later that night.

A presumed-dead Kristen arrives in Salem, but she decides to lay low for a while. "Kristen is happy to be back in Salem," shares Eileen Davidson. "But she's not expecting to be greeted with open arms. She's expecting to get a cold shoulder from all of Salem."

Kristen pays a visit to EJ, who first mistakes her for his mother, Susan. He then realizes it's Kristen. She tells EJ that Stefano is worried about him and EJ immediately shuts her down. Kristen decides to back away and give him a little space.

Later, as John and Marlena make plans to spend a romantic afternoon picnicking together, John is called away. Kristen has been watching them from afar and she sees that Marlena is alone. Just then, Marlena turns and spots her menacing rival. Teases Davidson, "Marlena freaks out."

Pick up the latest Digest for details!
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