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Oct 10 2012, 03:47 PM
Oct 10 2012, 03:37 PM
Oct 10 2012, 03:24 PM
I still like Jennifer. And I'm enjoying this feisty side of her as well. She's no longer the wet blanket she was for most of her adult life.
Picking fights with a pregnant woman, trying to forbid her to leave town with your ex-boyfriend, ranting and raving to anyone who'll listen about how much you hate her, stalking your ex-boyfriend all over town and telling him what a mistake he's making even after he's repeatedly told you to back off . . . that's not feisty. That's obsessive, irrational, and unhinged.

There is nothing likable, admirable, or recognizable about this version of Jennifer. She's a travesty.
I don't see it as Jennifer "picking fights" with Nicole. Nicole isn't innocent in all of this. She's a manipulative little bitch, who felt threatened by the bond Jennifer and Daniel have. As a result, she started shoving her own recent past with Daniel in Jennifer's face, prompting Jennifer to get fed up. Lets not be biased.

Jennifer has known Nicole for years now. As many have pointed out, every time they've been involved in any sort of story, they've usually been at odds. Jennifer obviously cares about Daniel, so I could totally understand why she has issues with him being with Nicole. Whether that means Jennifer still has feelings for Daniel or not. I would expect her to act this way with anyone she's close with, if said person is involving themselves with someone Jennifer has a bad past with. Daniel may be telling her to butt out, but this is Jennifer we're talking about. She never butts out of anything!

I like her.
We all see the same show but we don't all process what we see and hear in the same way.This is why I watch the show in addition to reading the daily write ups and spoilers.
There are different degress of friendship.I have friends I have known since grade school,some only since college,and others I have met at various stages of my life.What I will say to them differs depending on the closeness of the relationship but I cannot imagine confronting someone else on their behalf because I believed a friend was making a mistake.I have had siblings making what I thought were mistakes in their relationships.I have said plenty to them but nothing to the other party and would not do so unless I thought the friend/relative was in actual physical danger.Relatively speaking Jennifer has not really known Daniel all that long.I could accept her disliking Nicole and telling Daniel how and why she believes Nicole is bad for him but not getting in Nicole's face calling her a tramp and forbidding her to have contact with Daniel. I don't understand why the writers have Jennifer saying Nicole is the worst human being she has ever known given that she knows EJ/Stefano and has been raped.I don't see that the writers have put forth a believable basis for the actual hatred Jennifer for Nicole.This is why I don't like Jennifer.
I see Nicole as a person who has lost in rapid sucession,a mother,a long time good friend in Chloe,a relationship with her sister Taylor,a person she loved and thought loved her in EJ,her miracle baby,a man she thought she could build a life with in Daniel,a friend in Brady whom she heard warning Daniel against her,and perhaps a friend she could confide with Rafe reuniting with Sami and despartely grabbing for the one person she thinks she can hold onto after Daniel agreeing to go to Utah with her.This is why I agree Nicole is being maniputlative and dishonest but I don't see her as a bitch.
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