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This week's Soap Opera Digest features an article about EJ, Nicole, Sami and Rafe.

Daniel visits Nicole in the hospital and she senses that he doesn't believe Jennifer deliberately pushed her down the stairs at the town square. Explains Zucker, "Daniel only sees 'perfect' Jennifer. He doesn't live with her. He doesn't see [what Nicole sees]."

Meanwhile, at the loft, Sami and Rafe are enjoying a romantic night together when Rafe gets a call telling him to come to the hospital. Once he arrives, Daniel tells him the devastating news: Nicole lost the baby.

Rafe feels bad for Nicole. He comforts her and they grieve together.

Unbeknownst to Rafe and Nicole, EJ is eavesdropping outside the door and he overhears them discussing how EJ is the real father of the baby and whether or not they should continue telling everyone it's Rafe.

EJ makes plans to have a DNA test done so he can claim his child, but he learns from a nurse that Nicole's baby has died. EJ, of course, is upset.

When Rafe leaves Nicole's room, EJ formulates a plan. He goes into Nicole's room with the record button pressed on his phone. He and Nicole mourn the loss of their child and they agree that Jennifer must pay for what she's done. EJ is genuinely upset over what happened.

With a little prodding from EJ, Nicole finally admits the truth about the baby's paternity. Meanwhile, Rafe tells Sami that Nicole's baby was stillborn. "In Sami's mind, it's Rafe's child and she's torn up for him and grieving for him," explains Alison Sweeney. "She feels terrible for Rafe that he has to go through this."

In their grief, Sami and Rafe prepare to make love. "Rafe's feelings are so conflicted over the loss of the child, but also that he lied to Sami about it. At this moment, he needs the physical connection with Sami because lying to her is hard for him."

Sami and Rafe are interrupted by EJ, who gives Rafe the chance to come clean. Sami comes to Rafe's defense, but EJ presses play on his cell phone and Rafe is busted. "Sami is shocked and devastated that Rafe would lie to her that way," explains Sweeney. Realizing there is no way out of this, Rafe finally comes clean.

EJ exits, leaving Sami and Rafe to discuss what just happened. Rafe tries to make Sami understand, but Sami is angry and she storms out in a huff.

"This closes down the Sami/Rafe dynamic for a while in a way that allows someone else to slide in and EJ is there, patiently waiting," explains Sweeney.

At the hospital, Nicole worries what will happen next. Now that EJ knows the truth, the only thing Nicole can do is sit and wait to see what he'll do...

Pick up the latest Digest for details!
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