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WTH Days! These fancy dress up dates that end up at the pub and coffee house are beyond stupid....especially when they then have to have dialogue written in about the lame location. In today's case they could have at least given a reasonable explanation such as a kitchen fire at the fancy restaurant which led them to the nearby coffeehouse. I don't get it - is it Days budget and fast pacing or are the characters suppose to look like nincompoops?
The other parts of the date worked fine with the humor of bad service and wanting to skip the meal, but I want the setting to make sense.

I liked how Brady tried to reason with Jen and how he could tell she had gone over the bend. Good set-up for what's to come.

Caroline and Bo were so good. Peter did such an excellent job of showing Bo's emotional journey of discovering the distress of his mother and giving us a window into his own fears of her no longer being the strong woman he has relied upon his whole life. I like this story and only wish Peter weren't leaving so soon as to give it more justice.

Nicole is just killing me. Ari is so damn good.

Kristen's initial sighting was a bit lackluster, but I do expect some craziness soon to punch up her entrance. Should be fun!

I have to say that Sami's dress was finally a perfect choice for her. She looked beautiful and age appropriate in it. I have to wonder if costume designer Jayne Kehoe let a fashion intern shop that day in her place. Meanwhile poor Nicole continues another day in the maternity dress from hell.

Victor! :P

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