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Are we even suppose to take this story seriously? Ej wants to discredit Rafe for lying about the baby to the woman who let Rafe lie before about the paternity of Ej's baby? And Sami becomes so incensed it leads her back to the guy she just said she would help keep the baby from herself (again!)? Come on!
The fact that this doesn't bring back a bad taste in Ej's mouth from the first go around to the point he's ready to discard both women or go into major revenge mode against them is mind boggling.

So now we sit back as Ej's sole purpose in finding out his baby is dead is to 'slide back in' and enjoy the benefits of being with Sami? That must feel real good Ej. Thank goodness Nicole lost the baby, you don't have to take possession of the bloody thing and you have the confession you've been waiting for. What a romance this will be.

They need to put a quick wrap to this and MOVE along to something else. It's an asinine story that make the characters ridiculous and the viewers fed up.
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