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Oct 11 2012, 03:25 PM
Nice JS put the blame on Nicole. Umm no, Ej knew all along this child was his. All Ej has cared about is Sami's skanky vagina. If you sleep with her Ej, I'd protect myself cuz who knows what she has by now. Really, I guess the writers assume we are all addicted to Days of Sami's Nasty Vagina. Ummm no, not me.
What was EJ supposed to do? EJ knew the kid was his but Nicole was doing everything possible to keep him away from their child, even resorting to trying to put him in prison for a murder. Whatever it takes in her mind. -_- She pushed him away and he had no way to help her care for the baby while she was pregnant. I think it's clear he cared for that child. He's been trying to establish his rights as the baby's father and play some role in the pregnancy since he first found out she was pregnant in February. It was Nicole that did not make that happen.
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