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Oct 11 2012, 03:27 PM
Oct 11 2012, 03:12 PM
Dannifer sucks :flipoff:
Amen to that.

They are boring, boring, boring.

Part of the wonderfulness that was JnJ was that although Jack adored her, he wasn't blind to her faults and was willing to call her on them when he thought it was for her own good. Daniel thinks she hung the moon, and she apparently thinks the same of him. Together, they are a couple of self-righteous, judgmental twits who think they never made a mistake in their life. Can we say "denial?"

And THAT? Is boring, annoying and disgusting.

Plus, they have absolutely not the slightest HINT of chemistry.

I like her better with BRADY than I do with Daniel, although no one could ever be acceptible to me with her except Jack. And then only if we get the real Jenn back.

And at least Daniel and Nicole were HOT......and they had fun.
Not sure how I felt about Daniel with Nicole mainly because she was pregnant BUT I did like him as a person better, we was more laid back and seemed to enjoy how Nicole could always make him smile and surprise him with her actions.

I will say that if JnJ had to lose one I'd rather be watching Jack right now instead of Jenn, IMO Jack had more storyline options than little miss self righteous. I much prefer flawed characters and Jack was one. Always enjoyed watching Jack and Nicole bicker would have been much more entertaining that this crap.
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