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Oct 11 2012, 04:05 PM
Oct 11 2012, 03:43 PM
Not sure how I felt about Daniel with Nicole mainly because she was pregnant BUT I did like him as a person better, we was more laid back and seemed to enjoy how Nicole could always make him smile and surprise him with her actions.

I will say that if JnJ had to lose one I'd rather be watching Jack right now instead of Jenn, IMO Jack had more storyline options than little miss self righteous. I much prefer flawed characters and Jack was one. Always enjoyed watching Jack and Nicole bicker would have been much more entertaining that this crap.
The problem with Jennifer is, she is PLENTY flawed. She just doesn't think she is. Same with Daniel.

I love MA. I always have. And I really do think he is the best actor the show has ever had. (Chandler Massey is pretty darned good, too) And you know what? Even this go-round, while he was basically groveling to Jenn (and the way in which he did it was out-of-character) I STILL believed him. Because he is just that good an actor!

I like SC, and I like MR. It isn't the actors I don't like, it is the way their characters are being written. I liked MR before this go-round, and I liked SC when he was with Nicole. It isn't the actors, IT IS THE WRITING!

Totally agree it truly IS THE WRITING and the backstage politics that is what's wrong with Day's.

I actually like most of the actors on Day's with two exceptions :shutup: but I can't stand most of the writing for most of them. I always loved Jack (not so much Jenn) and of course I have my few favorites now. Nicole being one of the top ones, I think THE WRITERS aren't utilizing the truly great actors they have. They don't distribute the airtime to where you feel like the storylines and chracters are intermingled to some extent. Day's used to have characters who may be involved in a story of their own but pop up in another characters orbit just because they are related. The old Day's remembered the small things like that, the new Day's forget's what I call the Dominoe Effect. When they have someone do something they need to remember all the characters it might effect all the way around.
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