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camera shy

Ejole Lifer
Oct 11 2012, 04:09 PM
How many times to we have to go through this? How can he say they haven't gone there when the past year almost they've absolutely gone there...every...damn..day. If he means in a full-fledged committed relationship then I don't think they've ever written Sami to truly love EJ and why should she be with someone she doesn't love. BUT if going "there" is what he wants then for the love of GAWD, go there and watch how fast the ship goes down. Many more opposed to Ejami than those for it.

I did like EJ and Will at first until it became unbelievable when Will basically listened to EJ over Lucas.
"They love each other, but not necessarily in a romantic way"? What the fuck?! This doesn't make any sense and I bet they still won't be going with a true couple. Don't headwriters outline their stories for months ahead? Then why didn't they just keep telling the story MarDar had started? If they're going with a true romance why have Kate and Lucas tell EJ that Sami and EJ will never work out? I'll believe it when I see it.
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