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Oct 11 2012, 03:59 PM
Oct 11 2012, 02:30 PM
Maybe I'm in that kind of giggly mood, but I couldn't help but :laugh: over this
"This closes down the Sami/Rafe dynamic for a while in a way that allows someone else to slide in and EJ is there, patiently waiting," explains Sweeney.

Always the opportunist, waiting in the cut. I love that man.
Why? Because Sami will go running to her SECOND choice? It's always like that. EJami fans should be just as pissed off as the EJole, Safe and Lumi fans. Sami will only go back to EJ because she is mad at Rafe, or Lucas. He is always the rebound! Turn, well maybe already turned, EJ into a pathetic lap dog! I HATE Sami, I think EJami was better back in the day, now it's just stupidity that these two could even stand to be in the same room with each other. This couple was destroyed a long time ago. I am not saying that because I am an EJole fan, I am saying that because it's true. One writer after another ruined them beyond repair. Their being together is just unfathomable.

I would like nothing better then to have Sami fall off the pier and become fish food. Let EJ find someone who cares about him and lets him be himself with them. I thought it was Nicole, but the writer's are trying real hard to destroy her as well. JMHO.
No, that's not the reason why I laughed but first I'll explain that I don't think Sami necessarily made EJ second best. EJ said it best to Sami: She went back to what was safer, expected... she makes things so simple "darkness vs. light." She's been gunning for the good guy off and on for years and she thought she could get that with Rafe but with this secret, that notion should crumble to pieces. Rafe isn't the white knight/perfect, honest guy she believed he is. This reveal is a game changer, at least in EJ's mind. Hopefully, Sami gets it through her head that prince charmings don't exist. People aren't perfect, they are just shades of gray. Once that happens, well who knows.

As for why I laughed, it's because EJ will never stop wanting/loving Sami. He may get mad at her and go off the deep end from time to time but he'll eventually come around and end up in this same place, whether I like it or not (because sometimes, even I want to :shame: at him). Poor schmuck got it bad. I do hope the writers take time out for EJ to grieve over his child first before dealing with Sami again. I didn't get an indication from the article that EJ is going to jump right in immediately, just that the opportunity for him to do so has presented itself now that Rafe has fucked up.
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