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Abi-Maria is a loon. LOL. I love how Pete stirred up the drama between RC and Abi-Maria. I felt bad for RC, as annoying as she is. Mike is still MIA. Love that Lisa's finding herself in the middle. I'm officially giving up on Artis. Zzzz. Our new Rick.

Nice to finally see the Kalabaw dynamics show themselves. I don't think it's going to be as clear cut as men vs. women but it's interesting. Dana sure was outspoken about it. Katie and Dawson were quiet. I found that interesting which is why I think it's not just simply men vs. women. Carter sounds like a moron. Penner must be salivating at dragging this kid to the end. I still don't like Jeff much. Ugh.

Poor Denise and Malcolm. The Blue tribe was doomed from the start. Seriously. The deck was so stacked against them. Roxy and Angie have zero muscle, Russell having muscle doesn't equate to strength, and Zane was also pretty useless from what it looked like. I have a strong feeling we've seen the dynamics between Kalabaw and Tandang because one of them HAS to finally lose, right? Just a matter of which one. Tandang has an ongoing story while Kalabaw's was Penner and then suddenly lines are drawn. Hmm. I'm guessing we finally see a Kalabaw go home. At least I hope so, though if Tandang loses I hope they vote out the mute, Artis. I don't want the drama between RC and Abi and Pete to end. I'm really surprised we haven't heard from Michael at all in three episodes.
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