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National Enquirer Spoilers
-Will goes a long way toward getting his friend back.
-Sami confides in Lucas about Rafe.
-Chad and Abigail share a moment together.
-Kayla finds a program for Caroline's condition.
-Roman delivers some extremely shocking news to Jennifer.
-Brady promises Marlena that he will keep an eye on Kristen.

**UPDATED 10/13**

Monday ("Nicole and Jennifer's Fight")
Daniel is torn between two women; John runs into Kristen at the park.

Tuesday ("Daniel's Idea")
Daniel tells Nicole they can leave town together under one condition; EJ blames Jennifer for killing his son.

Wednesday ("Helping Her Brother")
Kristen offers to help EJ win back Sami; Bo and Hope talk with Caroline about treatment for her condition.

Thursday ("Strange Evidence")
Daniel stumbles across some startling evidence; Nicole decides not to press charges against Jennifer.

Friday ("Caroline's Condition")
Bo and Caroline prepare to leave town; Brady vows to keep a watchful eye on Kristen.

**UPDATED 10/16**

Monday October 22:
Brady believes Jennifer pushed Nicole down the stairs.
Daniel gently asks Nicole if she could be wrong about Jenn pushing her.
Nicole's more determined than ever to keep the truth from Daniel.
Daniel asks Nicole to go away with him.
Marlena is upset to see Kristen in Salem.
Kristen tries to make amends.
John gets a surprise visitor - Kristen.
Tad, Sonny and Will make a bit of an effort to put the past strife behind them.
Will and Sonny prank Kate.

Tuesday October 22:
Nicole's happy when Daniel suggests they go away - as a couple.
EJ stuns everyone by revealing he won't press charges.
Daniel puts a condition on his offer to take Nicole away.
EJ confronts Jennifer for killing his child.
Sami confides in Lucas.
Lucas calls Sami a hypocrite.
Kristen swears to John she's not in town to stir up trouble.
Kristen goes to EJ to offer help.

Wednesday October 23:
Kristen sees EJ's plan is to back off Daniel and Rafe in order to get Sami back.
Things momentarily begin to thaw between Sami and Rafe.
Bo and Hope try to make Caroline understand why she needs a caretaker.
Kayla tells the family of a program across the country for Alzheimer's patients.
Chad and Abigail run into each other. They share a moment.
Chad's surprised to hear EJ was the father of Nic's baby.

Thursday October 25:
Daniel tries to get Nicole to agree to end the suffering for all and not press charges against Jenn.
Nicole tells Roman she can't be 100% sure Jenn was deliberate in her pushing.
Daniel finds the twosie in his apartment just as the other part of the outfit for Nic's baby is found at the hospital.
Anne, the rival co-worker, blasts Jennifer for bringing scandal to the hospital.
Chad offers sympathy to EJ about the loss of his child…but still doesn’t trust him.
Sami has a new boss in Kristen.
Bo volunteers to go with Caroline to California.

Friday October 26:
Sami berates herself for just now learning Caroline is in trouble.
Bo says goodbye to Abe.
Kristen runs into Brady.


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