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Oct 11 2012, 05:21 PM
Poker Face
Oct 11 2012, 04:51 PM
"Rafe's feelings are so conflicted over the loss of the child, but also that he lied to Sami about it. At this moment, he needs the physical connection with Sami because lying to her is hard for him."

what a pig!!!!!!!!!!!! :puke:

thank god EJ willl interupt! finally sami will see that rafe hernandez is no hero and lies and scheme like every guy that sami has been with.

this better be the end of safe and the beginning of EJami! oh yeah! :cheer: :cheers: :chee:

I don't understand how anyone would want her with any of they guys that they like.

She was just all over Rafe and wanting to get back with him and because he lied. She is willing to go back to EJ. She has already chosen Rafe more than once over EJ. And why would anyone who likes Lucas want her with him. She ran out on him to run off with EJ. Boggles my mind. I think this character is written so horribly. I hate her smug attitude most of all and I wish so much that they would just backburn her. I am tired of all her stories. On top of that I hate her acting. I am sure she will try to look devastated and it would not come off convincing. She does not love Rafe, EJ or Lucas, that is what they are protraying, never mind the words that they have her spilling out of her mouth. I have never hated a character so much.
All of what you said makes logical sense. Sadly though logic goes out the window when you're a fan of a pairing. Like Lucas said, I have nostalgia on my side being a Lumi fan. Other Sami fanbases have their reasons too.

Also it doesn't help when all 3 actors, BD, GG, & JS do their share of pimping all 3 of Sami's pairings, since AS continues to stay neutral and just goes with whatever they're writing at the moment.
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