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Sammie Jo
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Oct 11 2012, 03:41 PM
Oct 11 2012, 03:22 PM
They would have stayed together and made it but MAB made it so Adam would AGAIN go running to the slut in peril again. Now the new writers have to spit and paste a story out of it. I hope Chelsea finds out about Sharon's klepto binge, including her lipstick, blows a circuit and beats the beejesus out of Sharon. Yes, she will have it coming. Trying to stop the marriage, her snarky,cuntish remarks to Chelsea. Oh yeah, she has plenty of reason.
I know the shade blurs objectivity I've been guilty of it myself But Uuh`No damn way MAB made it so the story would have to take this turn AGAIN :hmmph: Remember the non-written cow is gone! Josh G. could've taken Sharon Newman on her FUCKING OWN for a while which so many have long to see even those wanting the pairing of Adam or Nick was willing to wait Why?: We have been watching SC drive her s/l by her got damn self for months without a real love interest, new writers didn't have to copy & clipboard none of the pass shit here cause MAB ain't running zilch no'mo...SO!! :wink:

madcow may not be writing anymore but, I think this is still some of her crap, the new ones can't just change everything overnight, it will probably take them a month to straighten it all out.
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