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Oct 11 2012, 06:50 PM
Oct 11 2012, 06:34 PM
Oct 11 2012, 06:27 PM
^Yeah it's pretty clear that's where it's heading. Clearly they're going to use Jennifer's "grieving" to excuse her behaviour this last couple of months (because god forbid any of her flaws be exposed and pointed out). Then they'll put away Jack's picture and never speak of him again so Daniel doesn't get his feelings hurt if they dare remember that Jennifer had a life before he came along. Still don't get what is the point of Daniel believing Jennifer other than for him to yet again be her saviour. So sick of them harping on Daniel's god-like status when not one person has bothered mentioning Jack's heroic actions when he died (which weren't his "job" and were totally selfless). Still no conflict equals no story..and once Chloe is back to next be sacrificed then what...?

Also I know this isn't to do with this article but I hate that Abby has been pretty much nowhere in the aftermath of Jack's death..why hasn't her POV been told? She should have all sorts of emotions about how and why Jack died but instead it's all about Jennifer's so called "grief".
I think Daniel's going to be the only one who believes her and that's going to justify her falling in love with him again. It's also supposed to reinforce the idea that he is the one she can turn to in "her darkest hours". Just more crappy bs to try to sell the Dannifer trainwreck as a rootable couple. :( Chloe will just be another speed bump and Parker more collateral damage.

And Abby's absence is necessary because otherwise we might remember that Jack is the real hero in this story and we can't have that! :sarcasm:
I wonder if this will lead to Jennifer being diagnosed with mental illness. Her mother suffers from it and it may be the only way that her character could be redeemed. With that said, I am not going to get my hopes up. This is Days after all and they are not known to utilize history very well.
I think they're going to change tack and Jen is going to start acting normally again - the focus will be on the false accusation and the fact that only Daniel believes her. This will make her more of a victim and make Dan more of a saviour. Nicole will be portrayed as the villain by continuing to blame Jen. Jen and Dan will fight to prove her innocence and their supercouple status will be immortalised forever :puke:

ETA i love this :puke: icon. It sums up the last couple of months perfectly!
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