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Oct 11 2012, 06:47 PM
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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepNational Enquirer Spoilers
Too bad Sami doesn't know what being a friend means and since AS and BD are still playing it "as more than friends" and Lucas spewing in every episode that they are "through" means that that will likely not be the case. As every "friend' Sami has had she has slept with.. she seriously needs to tie those tubes... I just hope she has enough sense after talking with him not to do anything rash.. but Sami being Sami who knows?
Well I hope they don't have Lucas saying the same thing like a broken record especially if Sami doesn't bring anything like that up. This is the scene BD tweeted about back in July when he said "Lumi magic". Who knows what he meant and if it is supposed to come across as more than friends. At this point I don't want Lucas sucked into the vortex of Sami's merry-go-round drama. He's the only one with a brain of the 3 so I'd like to keep admiring that, lol.
LOL too bad he still very much has her on the brain.. I mean his most recent scenes with Kate for example there was no need to bring up Sami AT ALL but they have him thinking or talking about her one way or another since the breakup. And thats when they decide to randomly show him... I am just thankful there are no Sami bedding Elvis spoilers yet but after the hate boink I am on high alert that it could still happen and believe me I would rather have a Sami Rafe Lucas triangle than the endless merry go round from F** that has been beaten to death.
Good point about Lucas's scenes few as they are having him talk about Sami for no reason. Even Kate and her paranoia never stops. Lucas isn't excited about her wanting to bring Sami down so that automatically translates that Lucas is still not over her, which of course leads to him saying the same thing he's said for the past month. And of course the fact that Lucas can't get a woman on this show not named Sami doesn't help either. This show is all about playing all of Sami's fanbases and I don't see that ending anytime soon.
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