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Viewing Single Post From: SOD Interview with James Scott

camera shy
Oct 11 2012, 06:57 PM
So does this mean Rafe won't be in the picture? Does this mean Sami will be with EJ and he'll be the only man she's thinking about? I bet we'll get some tweet from Galen and it'll be just the opposite of what JS had to say about ejami. And when JS said EJ and Sami are like a fairytale he must mean like Grimms Fairytale.
Don't worry, all 3 of Sami's "men" will always be pimping their respective pairings in some form. GG will probably tweet more Safe coming up soon. BD will probably tweet whenever he sees "Lumi magic" in his script and so on and so forth till the next JS interview where he'll pimp Ejami as some kind of tortured romance that never got a fair shot. Point is the pimping will never end from all sides and thus the fanbase wars won't either. The misery continues...
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