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Oct 11 2012, 04:09 PM
In their grief, Sami and Rafe prepare to make love.

What in the fuck is wrong with these people? I know this is Days and it's all kind of an unfunny joke but seriously- how about writing characters with some relatable feelings, for fuck's sake?!

Or at least bring the fetish out in the open, have Dan and Sami hook up. He can get off being her doctor, and he can tell her stories about dead babies. Perfect relationship right there.

I'm grateful Carrie was written out, because y'all know MarDar were racing towards BabySwitch II. Well, that's what it seemed like, anyway. So for me, this could be worse.

I'm going to need EJ to man up now. He needs to seek revenge on his enemies, imho. And maybe he needs to start having sex. A bunch of short-term bimbos could be good comic relief, and it might make EJ more realistic for me (plus, one might click and we'd get a new character). I mean, he's young, he's hot, and...he's pretty much celibate. That either should be corrected or explored, imho.
I think you are right about EJ.He needs someone new.When I saw EJ and Abby together today I thought their interaction was cute with her standing on the stairs to be eye level with her.She was funny but not believable as wanting Austin but I could see her fixating on EJ in trying to work through her grief over the death of her father and loss of Cameron.Abby hooking up with EJ would have most of Salem losing it.
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