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Oct 11 2012, 04:44 PM
So now I think that somebody at Days/NBC/Sony is pulling a Jack Donaghy and they are deliberately trying to ruin this show. Nothing else makes any sort of sense. I don't know anyone who looks at these spoilers, these articles and thinks, "Man, this is a fantastic story. Such drama! Such romance! Such interesting characters! Such rootable couples!"

I used to just think Tomsell and Corday were just totally out of touch, stupid, talentless hacks, but this is worse than that. It really feels like somebody is seriously out to destroy this show.

As soon as they broke up EJ and Sami,made Jennifer crazy,killed the baby,and had Nicole using her dead baby to hang on to Daniel of all people,I started thinking the same thing.They want to make most people hate the show so there is no NBC backlash from fans when it's canceled.
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