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Oct 11 2012, 06:52 PM
Poker Face
Oct 11 2012, 05:29 PM
LOL I admit I was one of those fools that FELL for it,I know they began around mid-march but I only fell for them when Adam proposed to Chelsea.After that I guess I got swept away with their romance/cute courtship that I didn't even wonder "Hey what's happening" i just went with it.Then they started to disappear and went MIA.When they returned late august,I was like "why the fuck did i ever loved those two?" i saw no SPARK anymore.nothing.Adam looked like he was bored half of the time. I love MCE and like Chelsea but I think she can do better than just sitting at home,folding baby's clothes.Also since they got together,Adam has been so ISOLATED.he was always at home with her.The worst part was that shit with Kevin "tag and grab"...seriously i was disgusted by how they put MM in the C-crowd....one of the worst storyline ever for him. IMO.

I do agree with some of your points. I go back to that moment when Adam told her he could turn $10 mill to $100 mill and that troublesome look in their eyes. I thought awesome, these two are gonna be a dynamic badass duo, ruling GC and sticking it to the Newmans. MAB sure dropped the ball on this one. The engagement/marriage was out of the blue, yes but I could live with that. Then came the pregnancy...even I as a Chadam fan thought it was too soon and couldn't properly rejoice at that news. Then all we see her doing is sititng at home agreeing with everything Adam says. Well, I got bored but still loved it and also holding out for more. That never came. Tag N Grab came along, was waiting for Adam to screw Kevin over. That never happened. I'm all for redemption but those two completely lost themselves.

So now she loses the baby, I can live with that. As far we know, she is not being told she is infertile! I also like MCE and want to see her doing more. If all this makes her despise Sharon and start doing stuff then I guess I'm on board with that. I still don't know how Shadam is going to be viable. How is Sharon supposed to be redeemed when her own son cannot stand the sight of her? I cannot see him accept the Shadam pairing. All I have to say is it better not turn out to be like some dead baby sex like another much loathed/loved soap couple out there.

Call me a fool, I still have mad love for Chadam! LOL
NO it's ok! :)

when I fell for Chadam I HATED Sharon with a PASSION! I was like GTFO and leave 'em alone.She was always there lurking everytime they were having a moment.

Then as I said they became DULL and when Shadam started to interact again,I was like "Woah damn they still have it."

BUT I still held on for Chadam,waiting to see some problems,a disagreament ANYTHING...but nothing. :drunk:

so then I gave up and went back to Shadam. Even though I despised Sharon months ago,I still cherished Shadam bc they were my fav couple for many years so I could NEVER shut the door on them.

Im willing to give Chadam another try but im still hesitant though....we'll see.

Who knows I may end up loving Chadam like crazy like I do with Shadam.

Im NOT opposed to ship a character with other love interests,so I will keep an open mind.

FOR now though my heart belongs to Shadam.

Im willing to wait for months,I dont expect nor want them to hook up,I'll be fine if they hang out as friends and fall in love again later on.I believe the best couples will reunite after a really long journey,so theres no rush.I'll be happy if Shadam interacts.
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