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Here are some of the things that missing from the original write-up.

James on why he stays at Days: "I stay because I like being there. If I didn't like being there, I wouldn't stay. There are times when you really have the opportunity to delve deep and the work can be very rewarding. I work with an incredible group of people. It's a very enjoyable experience."

James on the popularity of his character: "I definitely enjoy the dark side of EJ. I don't care if people like him at all. Likable is a relative term. They like the people that they dislike. They like to dislike them. I think that EJ's popularity, which is a measure of like, even if they dislike him, is based upon the fact that he is this guy who is not particularly liked and not particularly nice." He goes on to say that he's never had a fan say they want him to be nice, and that if anyone feels that way, they should write to him.

James on Joseph Mascolo: "Joe Mascolo has taugh me a tremendous amount . He leads with such a strong performance that you have to be able to follow his lead, so that's great, to be able to work with an actor who demands that you push yourself. It's a wonderful challenge to be given."

James on the Ejole relationship: "I think there is a lot further they could have gone with it. You know, the grief sex storyline; somebody still has to explain that to me." He goes on to say that he and Arianne Zucker still try to keep a spark alive in their scenes. He says he thinks you always need to find some space in the animosity to keep the door open for the future. "I think I actively try and do that in going through these situations with actresses where the relationship is sort of bitterly resolving."

James on Lauren Koslow: "Lauren Koslow is one of my favorite actresses to work with. The dynamic between EJ and Kate has the potential to be one of the most interesting on the show. They really like each other and I think want to watch out for one another." He goes on to say that they seem to really enjoying getting under one another's skin, and they even seem to enjoy having the other person getting under their skin. "They both know who the other person is and see through all of their shit. They don't try and play the same games with each other that they do with other people."

To read the full interview and also see what James does during his weeks off and read about his travel plans, pick up the latest issue of SOD.
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