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Oct 11 2012, 08:28 PM
Oct 11 2012, 07:08 PM
But it sounds like Abby and Hope believe her too..at least they support her. Makes me sick that they have created used two tragedies now to try and force Dannifer together. I can't see how this could be the least bit popular. Jennifer's excuse will be her non-existent grief then it'll never be mentioned again. I've never seen so much dislike for Jennifer all over yet they'll just gloss over it by blaming Jack (his death) and we're all supposed to love her again because she's been victimised (and just forget that Nicole has suffered a terrible tragedy herself but her actions wont be ignored through her grief...she'll just be evil and vindictive).

Jennifer needs a redemption not another insta-pairing. And until she admits her flaws and acknowledges her terrible behaviour towards first Jack and then Nicole she will never be redeemed in my eyes. Jennifer Rose is dead and gone as if she'd fallen down that shaft with Jack:(
You know what else fell down that elevator shaft? MR's acting skills. Since her return, Missy is acting her lines and emotions, putting emphasis on almost every word to show how angry Jennifer is,instead of making me feel Jennifer's anger or grief. She used to be so natural in portraying all emotions but now not so much. Her hand movements (hand or fingers to the forehead) looks so unatural and awkward. What happened to her talent?
Quickie diagnosis? Flabby acting muscles. Unlike MA, who's always working on something and keeps in continual practice, MR seems to go long years between soap stints--I've never heard of her taking on another acting gig after DAYS. So she hasn't had to stretch or grow as an actress since her 20s. And at this point, she can't squeak by on that fresh-faced ingenue thing anymore.

Her craft has suffered as a result of those long layoffs. So now, instead of digging deep and finding hidden meanings to play or to make her performance more interesting, she just goes for the surface appearance. So what we see now is "Jennifer is ANGRY. REALLY, REALLY ANGRY." Cue the yelling, screaming, finger-pointing, and all the other over-the-top behaviors that are making a lot of viewers just want to slap her into next year.
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