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Oct 10 2012, 07:45 PM
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The only thing that makes the Safe schmoop the least bit tolerable is knowing that it's going to implode sooner rather than later. Thank God - hopefully we'll be spared from any more hot dates at the pub or coffee shop until Rafe has a chance to clip a few more coupons. Do they sell those "Entertainment" books with half price restaurant coupons in Salem? He should totally jump right on one of those.

So far so good as far as EJ goes - I'm thrilled to see him telling Rafe he can have Sami. Let's hope he sticks to those guns for longer than 5 minutes once Sami tosses Rafe out on his ass.

The Caroline stuff is sad.

KRISTEN!!! I agree it wasn't a thrilling first episode for her - but at least she's on the canvas now. Can't wait until she hits Salem. :D

Thanks for the write up, ladies - and welcome back, Pat!
What is wrong with a date at the pub or the coffee shop? I thought the point of a date was to spend time with the person you want to be with. Where is it written that you have to go to a fancy place and spend a ton of money to have a good time or be romantic? That's like saying you have to spend a ton of money on an engagement ring ring to show a woman you love her.

Safe may be apart for awhile over this baby situation, but I would bet they will be back together sooner rather than later.
There's nothing wrong with a date at a pub or coffee shop from time to time. But judging from the way Sami dressed up for both of their recent dates I think it's clear she was expecting something else. Rafe certainly seemed to think so...hence his bumbling apologies.

For me, it just drives home what I've always felt is true of Safe - Sami has to settle with Rafe. Apparently Tomlin thinks 'settling down' really means settling down...as in lowering one's expectations and embracing the plaid side of life. There's nothing wrong with it if that's what makes someone happy. I just find it interesting that the only time we see Sami seemingly like that is with Rafe. Not with Lucas. Not with EJ. Not even in the oh so brief periods when she's alone.
Oh, so that was intentional? Thanks. I admittedly didn't pay close attention to safe and wondered why Sami was dressed like she was going to the Penthouse Grille while she and Rafe waited for sandwiches...
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