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James on the Ejole relationship: "I think there is a lot further they could have gone with it. You know, the grief sex storyline; somebody still has to explain that to me." He goes on to say that he and Arianne Zucker still try to keep a spark alive in their scenes. He says he thinks you always need to find some space in the animosity to keep the door open for the future. "I think I actively try and do that in going through these situations with actresses where the relationship is sort of bitterly resolving."
Okay. So basically he like to add his own twists "just in case". If the couple is DOA . The couple is DOA. Why lead on the fanbases "just in case"? JS is a douchebag. Pure and simple. All of his pairings have failed and I no longer care if he leaves when his contract is up. In fact, I encourage it.
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