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Sammie Jo
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Oct 11 2012, 10:07 PM
Sammie Jo
Oct 11 2012, 01:30 PM
Wonder what happened to jack's epiphany after he was able to walk, where he wasn't going to be scheming and greedy anymore? POOOOF! Out the window that went, he just can't help himself.
Yeah, probably went the same place that Victor's went. The Abbot family gave him Colleen's heart which basically saved his life. You would think that he would ended his feud with Jack after that but he didn't. He was basically trying to take over Jabot a few months ago when he realized that Jack and Ashley were at odds with each other. He asked Ashley to sell him her shares.
Difference between the vanishing epiphanies is, Jack is supposed to be the nice guy, Victor isn't, but when it comes down to it, one is as bad as the other, but for different reasons.
I think the feud is going to really get good now, jack and victor really haven't had a good knock down, drag out schemefest in ages. I'm ready for it! :chee:
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