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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Oct 12 2012, 12:27 AM
I am just happy to see Lucas and Sami share a scene. I have and always will love BD and AS together, no matter what happens between the characters or what the particular circumstances are. And Lucas is her friend, so if Sami wants to confide in anyone, lordy know I'd like it to be him =) There will always be a spark between the two of them for me, so I am sure I will see it that day (and am looking forward to it). But I don't suspect nor particularly want this to be the springboard to anything romantic. I doubt Tomlin would ever EVER be that generous to Lumi. I don't think this is necessarily another stop on the merry-go-round. Yes, in that it's another man Sami turns to, and with her who knows what a simple conversation might lead to. But I don't think anything like that will happen here. Just two people who care about each other caring about each other. I hope that's how it happens at least - t'would make me very happy. And it's not necessarily pandering to fan bases - only insofar as its a Lumi scene (which, again and admittedly, makes me happy). But it makes sense in that Lucas and Sami are friends, and who else would Sami turn to (Marlena is questionable, Caroline is in the midst of an Alzheimer's s/l). It will be a nice chance to see that Lucas has moved past his anger, but is still not drinking from the Sami kool-aid. And in the end it prob will just prop Safe, which....groan.
I'm happy also that at least we get a Lumi scene out of this cluster fuck. I think it makes total sense and I hope the scene isn't about pimping Rafe as the greatest thing to ever happen to Days. I hope he tells her that he had the same issues with her that she seemingly now has with Rafe. I'll take any Lumi I can get, heck I'll take any Lucas I can get. They need to give Lucas a good, believable love interest and soon. If Sami is going to move onto Ej or bounce between him and Rafe then have Lucas fall in love with someone else...it's due.
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