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Honestly, I would have THOROUGHLY enjoys this episode if it weren't for 2 things.

1. SlamPig & Eyebrows and their smug fugliness. They were pointless throughout the entire episode.

2. The sudden 180 of Jennifer going around town stalking Nicole, picking fights to all of a sudden "not wanting to get into it with her."

Bullshit. A 2 second scene is not going to erase what I have been watching for the last several weeks. Sorry, DAYS. Was Jn not in HTS waiting to bitch more about Nicole to Daniel? Was she not super pissed off not 5 minutes before, ready to call the airport to thwart their travel plans? GMAFB!!!!!

Other than that, I've enjoyed it. Bitchy Victor is always a bonus and Bo & Caroline's scenes have been stellar. Even Maggie and Taniel were tolerable. While I hate the premise of the Nic/Jen storyline...I have been really loving the performances from AZ and even MR (even though I despise her/Jennifer lol) It's just unfortunate that it was all written and performed in such a way that I'm rooting for what is (all of a sudden) "the bad guy." But I guess that's nothing new for me! lol Still, I hate the sudden change. It could have been played out sooo much better.

and I have to LMAO every time we get a random Lipsy Rinna sighting for no reason at all lol
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