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Oct 11 2012, 09:39 AM
I think that its alittle crazy that everyone just supports wilson. I liked that they had a little disaproval it just doesnt give them much to overcome if everyone is happy for them. In real life many parents do struggle with accepting there children are gay
Forget accepting their children as gay, most parents don't like their child's choice in any relationship. It's hard to let your child grow up, Wilson should get angst in general. I did like the part Lucas played in his first reaction to seeing them kiss, it was probably the only REAL thing the writers have done. Unfortunately they also had everyone come down on Lucas instead, also Will's loyalty to Lucas in the past few months has been pathetic.

I'd much rather see Lucas/Will explored more and Will while angry with his father over his relationship with Sonny, also try and make up to him for his lack of loyalty with a mother he knows far to well as a nut job. Will expects Lucas to back him and his decisions on his private life, BUT Will has done everything but shoot his own father to push his mother back towards EJ and/or Rafe.

Sonny could be their for Will like any other couple showing Will what HE'S done wrong as well as mend the relationship with his father. That is a story I'd rather be watching.
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