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camera shy
Oct 12 2012, 10:22 AM
What are we suppose to take away from this interview, that ejami is finally going to really happen or it'll still be the same old same old between EJ/Sam and Rafe? My guess is that it'll be the same old same old. Because they haven't set it for Sami to choose to be with EJ because she loves him. It'll be because she's pissed off at Rafe and when she goes to confide in Lucas down the road, he'll warn her not to go back to EJ and that's make them dead in the water before they even started. Ejami had their best bet with MarDar. They wrote Sami wanting to be with EJ over anyone else and now we just had her telling Rafe that when she looks at EJ she knows that what they had could neve compare with what she shared with him. Why destroy all of what MarDar wrote (and why fire them) if ejami is really going to happen this time.
Under MarDar, Sami was helping EJ and believed in his innocence. But she was playing him just as much as she was playing Lucas. It was still just lust but not love for her when it came to EJ. She wasn't confessing her love or committing to a life with him. She was having fun making out with both men and really that's all it was. In fact I think MarDar would have continued the back and forth between Lucas and EJ which is why Lumi also got significant scenes like the bracelet scene for instance. It wasn't that Sami was choosing EJ over Lucas the way she is choosing Rafe now. Sami was even more fickle during MarDar than she is now under Tomlin because at least now she is committed to a life with one man and that is Rafe.
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