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Oct 12 2012, 10:27 AM
More on Will trying to get his friend back. More & More I think It's Nick, especially given this tweet from Blake
Blake Berris ‏@BlakeBerris
We find out more about the new #nickfallon next week. Just to be clear, the beliefs of my character do not reflect my own. @nbcdays #days

I think Nick freaks when he learns Will's gay and then Will decides since they are family, he needs to work this out with him
I was wondering about that. Nick is basically a good guy so I can't see him having such a big problem...but then I was thinking...I wonder if something happened to him in prison? I know another soap did a story like that, but maybe he got raped or something..and he kind of transfers those feelings onto Will because he's gay. Nick has always been kind of a good guy (except for when he killed someone ;) ) so it makes me wonder. We already know he got beat up by someone...maybe more happened than he let on.
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