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Oct 12 2012, 10:27 AM
More on Will trying to get his friend back. More & More I think It's Nick, especially given this tweet from Blake
Blake Berris ■@BlakeBerris
We find out more about the new #nickfallon next week. Just to be clear, the beliefs of my character do not reflect my own. @nbcdays #days

I think Nick freaks when he learns Will's gay and then Will decides since they are family, he needs to work this out with him
Well that is very interesting. For BB to have to warn viewers that Nick's beliefs are not his own screams that NÝck's "strong reaction" to Will being gay will not be a good one. Will he come across as homophobic? If so will people be labelling him the way they labelled Lucas or will they give Nick a chance to work it out and come to full acceptance of his cousin? I'll be interested in seeing the viewers' reaction to Nick in contrast with Lucas and if he will be vilified the same way Lucas was or if people will cut him some slack and not jump to conclusions. I guess we'll see.
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