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I don't share his view on EJami but I understand where he's coming from and why the situation is frustrating for him as the person playing the role of E.J. - the perpetual loser where Sami's concerned, with all those scuppered opportunities and so much unfulfilled potential. I don't support them as a couple but I can at least recognize that that's always been the case with them. I am glad he gave such positive feedback about Eileen and I definitely understand his frustration about the Will dynamic being crushed, since they did have very interesting and undeniable chemistry despite the counter-intuitiveness of their relationship. Even when I don't agree with JS I always respect him as an intelligent person and I enjoy hearing his thoughts. Too often they give him crap to work with and he and his character deserve a lot better. I get frustrated when he (like Sami, Rafe and Daniel) gets too much airtime to the detriment of other characters, but I do think ultimately the show would be poorer without a talent like him. The same can't be said for some of the other air hogs.
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