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camera shy

Oct 12 2012, 10:16 AM
I just can't believe that they are doing this to Nicole again. I'm still holding out hope that somewhere down the line that baby is going to end up alive, even if it is unfathomable how it could happen. My theory was going to be that Cameron was somehow not a good guy after all...the recast having something to do with it. Maybe the current guy just can't do dark. Have they ever said who Cameron's dad was? I was thinking maybe he was Stefano's also. I haven't seen it yet though...so if she actually holds the baby I don't see how the baby can still be alive, and Maxine is also there. BUT...I still get a weird vibe from that doctor Nicole saw. I just don't trust her. And to just blurt out..."Your baby is dead"....I mean..come on. The whole thing just seems fishy.
Babies have been declared stillborn by doctors and they weren't. How that happens with today's technology is a mystery, but it does happen. And it's just the way they had her lose the baby. It wasn't about a woman losing a child she desperatey wanted it was all about Jennifer and Sami and Rafe. And then to even include a scene where she's giving birth to a dead child is beyond offensive.
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