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Oct 12 2012, 10:22 AM
I would agree with James on Ejami. You have the Romeo and Juliet factor with the warring families and the constant outside pressures/obstacles. With Ejami, though, you have the added complexity of a "thin line between love and hate" factor. That aspect reminds of Cathy and Heathcliff of Wuthering Heights, whose love was violent, passionate, unearthly. They were never really together, denied their feelings to an extent during their lifetimes, and even married other people. Yet their story is known as one of the greatest love stories in literature. I'm not saying Ejami and their story has been written perfectly - I think a lot of us have expressed frustration at the lack of continuity and poor storylines for our respective characters/storylines on DAYS. Additionally, I think that we will continue to see storylines and characters suffer under Tomsell. However, I am just commenting on what I see as the overall intention for Ejami and why I love it. Ejami does need to develop now, though, and gain some of those tender, placid moments in addition to those other characteristics. That being said, I never want to see them as a placid, traditional couple.

I like that James Scott doesn't care whether or not fans like E.J. For a very brief time, when he first came on the scene, I didn't like how he was originally written - as one dimensional eye candy for Sami, but the character has been allowed to develop and James plays him with such confidence and complexity - - I just love him. I'm glad that Kristen is back and will put more focus on the Dimera dynamic because I want E.J. to deepen as a character. I definitely want Ejami to grow, also, but it would be nice to see E.J. and Sami also growing as individuals.

I'm expecting poor storylines to continue under Tomsell, but I was glad to hear the perspective James has. Thanks for posting!
Comparing Ejami to Cathy and Heathcliff (Wuthering Heights) is like comparing Bram Stoker's Dracula to Twilight.

The only thing they have in common is Cathy was a self indulgent woman who thought she was above Heathcliff, as this Sami NOW thinks she is above EJ. This is not the Sami Gene Brady from Day's past, this is not the character that many fell in love with and rooted for. This is a pod Sami that many have come to HATE.

Ejami are nothing like Romeo and Juliet, they have hurt each other far worse than any "cough" star cross lovers. No couple that truly loves one another would have done the things they have. If Day's is truly trying to make Ejami the war of the families they have failed miserably. If they put them together at this point I truly don't care, I also don't care about the Brady family in general, thanks to lousy writing. At this point even if they were to make Ejami the focal of the family war can you honestly say that Sami has been the favored daughter the Brady Clan would defend???? EJ could be the character BUT has with his father at his side hurt Sami many times. This is not a story worth telling. If they want them as a couple fine make them a couple BUT don't try and sell something that isn't possible. They had other Brady girls that could have pulled off the Juliet scenario (but Sami isn't it). As for the Romeo side Chad has a better shot at that role.
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