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Helpless Romantic

Ejole Lifer
Oct 12 2012, 12:18 PM
I have feeling that November sweeps will be about Ejami yet again. They've been the main story for the last year just about and it doesn't seem like it's changing. Ari is working with GV a lot. JS is pimping egagme in the rags. It just seems like the writing is on the wall.
I'm telling you, I think AS comment about "sliding in" was a huge hint that they boink again.. just in time for Father Eric to show up so Sami has someone to confess to. While again because of her own guilt she takes Rafe back still lying to him and the cycle continues or by Nov Sweeps somehow someway EJ Nicole or both are seen as "the big bad wolves" if lets say she keeps from Rafe that Jennifer did not cause the baby to die and Sami would get huffy while also realizing that EJ likely knew or suspected, spin here but they are nothing if not predictable and SAFE reunite with Sami confessing all before the reunion. I was also thinking that Will and Gabi are the engaged couple but what if its Sami and EJ that get engaged for "the wrong reasons". To spite Rafe and Nicole? That could be the promo around that scenario. Either way they merry go round from hell will be the focus no matter what.
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