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Ejole Lifer
Oct 12 2012, 12:18 PM
I have feeling that November sweeps will be about Ejami yet again. They've been the main story for the last year just about and it doesn't seem like it's changing. Ari is working with GV a lot. JS is pimping egagme in the rags. It just seems like the writing is on the wall.
The writing is on the wall and the viewers are out the door. :puke:

Funny part about this is I loved Ejole but if they didn't stay together fine, if the writer want Ejami again fine. But why kill the baby that's my problem, why so Sami could have EJ's only children??? This part just disgust me beyond all else and doing it for angst of Ejami/SAFE/Danifer makes it even more horrible. AZ is great and I could easily watched her with anyone they pair her with, but why kill the baby? To cut ties between Ejole completely would be my guess and have Sami be EJ's only love. Sorry the one single act has me :shame: plain ashamed that I watched this show for the last five years much less the many years I have.

At this point my only wish is for Nicole to find some happiness with a man who loves her and the HELL OUT OF SAMI'S ORBIT, the bitch is toxic.
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