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Helpless Romantic

Oct 12 2012, 12:35 PM
I really don't buy Ejami as endgame. I think a poster above said it all. Ejami boink. Sami lies again after she and Rafe work things out. He finds out, and we start all over again.

Glad to hear Ari is working a lot with GV, though I'd much rather have a Nicole/EJ/Eric triangle and a Rafe/Sami/Lucas triangle. Though EJ, Rafe and Sami are just so overused at this point.
I hope they ultimately do go with EJOLEvs ERICOLE
I think after Eric returns is only when Nicole will be free of Dan and then they will likely do
Danloe vs Dannifer but not before milking the Chloe and Nicole angle and how Nicole sleeping with Dan causes a problem for Chloe.
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