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I did not make and would not invite a legalistic comparison. I did not draw a comparison between Sami/E.J. and Wuthering Heights and Romeo and Juliet for any other reasons than the very specific reasons I mentioned. (As a side note, though,Sami's family did gather around her (literally and figuratively) when she wed E.J. in an effort to discourage the match)

A couple like Heathcliff and Cathy - would they be accepted today as a love story? Heathcliff beat his wife regularly and hung his wife's dog. He is far more sadistic and far less charismatic a character than E.J. Dimera. However, the specific comparisons I drew are still valid and remain a part of Ejami that I love:

Romeo and Juliet: Warring families/ Dimera/Brady feud
Wuthering Heights: Never have a "traditional" courtship/relationship
Denial of feelings
Marry/pursue other people
Extreme feelings - love/hate

I do not seek to convince anyone of Ejami's validity with those comparisons, however. Everyone has the right to enjoy whatever characters/couples they want to for whatever reasons they choose. Those are the parallels that I see and part of Ejami that draw me to them. Nothing more, nothing less. :D
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