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Oct 12 2012, 01:42 PM
Oct 12 2012, 01:19 PM
I too am glad JS admits he doesn't understand the deadbabysex. If he had said he did, we would have call him a liar. :) Ali has admitted she didn't understand it either...much like a huge part of the audience. That craziness should have never been written and hopefully that is part of the reason MarDar lost their jobs.

I liked what he said about Ej/Sami and Ejole. EJ/Sami are not in love (duh) and he's keeping the door open a little for Ejole...which is always a smart thing to do!

All in all not a bad interview/article.
James said that EJ and Sami "love each other but not necessarily in a romantic way." That doesn't mean that they are not "in love." It means exactly what he says. Do EJ and Sami have a romantic relationship? No, I'm fine with that. In fact, I love it. These are two fucked up people that have done really fucked up things to each other but always somehow end up back into each other's orbit. It's messy and I'd take thaty over any bullshit love story Days has tried to do over the years.
Yes but (and mind you at this point I'm just in this for the conversation purposes - I no longer have a horse in the race) haven't they been in some way or another pushing Ejami in each others orbits for 5 plus years of backstabbing, raping, shooting, using the children as pawns in a disgusting game of who can top the other. Give me the love story - show me these two love each other - all I've seen is manipulations and head games.
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