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Helpless Romantic

Oct 12 2012, 01:42 PM
Oct 12 2012, 01:19 PM
I too am glad JS admits he doesn't understand the deadbabysex. If he had said he did, we would have call him a liar. :) Ali has admitted she didn't understand it either...much like a huge part of the audience. That craziness should have never been written and hopefully that is part of the reason MarDar lost their jobs.

I liked what he said about Ej/Sami and Ejole. EJ/Sami are not in love (duh) and he's keeping the door open a little for Ejole...which is always a smart thing to do!

All in all not a bad interview/article.
James said that EJ and Sami "love each other but not necessarily in a romantic way." That doesn't mean that they are not "in love." It means exactly what he says. Do EJ and Sami have a romantic relationship? No, I'm fine with that. In fact, I love it. These are two fucked up people that have done really fucked up things to each other but always somehow end up back into each other's orbit. It's messy and I'd take thaty over any bullshit love story Days has tried to do over the years.
I will NEVER buy Sami as "in love" with EJ in lust? Yeah, love no. MarDar's randition of the syrupy sweet whitewhased EJAMI didn't sell me this last year and neither did Dena's long drawn out EJami summer scenes in 2010 complete with fishing hat proposal. At this point even Sami saying "she loves only him" wouldn't sell me. I will however agree that if from early 2006 had they kept Sami as the black sheep loser in love I would have been sold on EJAMI. As early on I will be big enough to admit they had potential. However Sami has not been written that way and I view Sami's "feelings" about EJ the same as I did Austin's "feelings" about Sami. She may care about him like Austin did Sami but when push came to shove it was proven that he loved Carrie more. Same thing with how Sami loves Rafe and Lucas on a deeper level than EJ. Who like Austin wanted out of Sami to change any time they have had EJAMI "play house" since 2008 she believed "he changed". That is why this last go around I could get behind EJOLE because she loves and accepts him for who he is no rose coloured glasses, Sami does not and never will. That has been proven time and again. There were periods where Sami "got" Austin but like with EJAMI its not meant to last before EJ's schemes like Sami's over Austin blew up.
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