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Oct 12 2012, 02:29 PM
"I think I actively try and do that in going through these situations with actresses where the relationship is sort of bitterly resolving." [/b]

Thanks, music to my ears :rockon:

Because of the lie of him not being the baby daddy and to create angst for the couple but that again reinforces to me that they want Sami and Rafe to be on an even playing field. With Rafe's lie and I weas not disagreeing that the dialogue making comparisons of light and dark wasn't lost on me but I have never viewed Rafe as perfect. This lie they had him tell was just to prolong the reunion as if they got together now it would be too fast, which is why I am thankful they don't sleep together. Also Sami when she loves someone has a tendency to think highly of them. I mean MarDar had her spewing about Lucas that he was her "role model" or mentor. No doubt Sami needs therapy and to be alone for a while to clear her head but Rafe has told her as Lucas has that they are not perfect. Rafe like Sami and Lucas is flawed they are not all good but will never embrace the darkness.

yet they stand back and bask in her basking in their perfection from time to time; like Rafe saying he won't lie to her like EJ. They both go up on a pedestal when it comes to Sami and if anything the lie showed what a joke these two are. Their insta-reunion :laugh: Rafe and his winning over EJ, their dates to the coffee shop and Brady pub with Sami in her Mrs. Dimera outfits; if ever there was a way of highlighting these two just don't fit it is this and :puke: if we are here again anytime soon.

EJ's idea of love is pushing Sami against a wall or the desk and demanding that she tell him she loves him...haha..and she never does! Never has and never will!

yeah the way that EJ and Sami would NEVER be back in each other's orbits in a romantic way, much less thisclose to getting together :wub: and if I am not mistaken the last time she was up against the wall and desk it was not love he was demanding :makeout: and she sure gave him what he wanted :boobs:
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