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The only thing I got from Nadia's tweet is that the group of actors in the make up room seem random and not who I would expect to be working together, lol. Well except Rafe and Nicole but still, random for the most part.

As for Rafe and Nicole possibly getting together, it might happen. Always a possibility due to their friendship which in recent years has actually been one of the most thought out, believable real friendships between a man and a woman this show has written. But I'm not convinced it will happen yet. As for Dan, I think by next year we will see Dannifer/Danloe. Also, what they're filming today airs in mid January. If Rafe and Nicole were to happen, I would expect it to happen this year because they are writing the Safe break-up next week, lol. If Rafe is going to be turning to a rebound relationship, he should be doing that this year, not next.
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